Alfombras, Alfombras, and more Alfombras

During Lent here in Antigua, Guatemala there are a lot of street Processions. Before the Processions begin, local families and businesses create an alfombra, which is Spanish for the word carpet. These “carpets” are placed in the middle of the cobblestone streets to soon be trampled by the oncoming Processions. These Alfombras are made from differing materials such as flowers, dyed sawdust, pine needles, fruits, vegetables and more. The life of an alfombra is usually a short one, for some as little as an hour or two. Nonetheless, for such a short existence they make quite an impression…

the "canvas" of many alfombras, pine tree needles

pine needles used as the "canvas" for an alfombra

the preparation of a lengthy alfombra

stencils used in the creation of an alfombra

some alfombras use cut-out stencils like this one

This alfombra is edged by leaves of lettuce

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