Canon del Sumidero

My 90 day tourist visa for Central America, or more specifically for Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador was about to expire. So, I had a choice to make. Get all the proper paperwork put together and go to Guatemala City to apply for an extension or hop on a shuttle to Mexico. 12 hours later I was back in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. I wasn’t excited to go back but once I got there I felt energized by the beauty of the city and the cool weather.

Last time I was here I had strongly considered an organized tour to Canon Del Sumidero. I don’t recall why I didn’t go last time. So I plopped down 250 Pesos (about $21 USD) and headed out to see the breathtaking scenery. It took about an hour by shuttle from the city out to the canyon. I had been warned that it was very hot at the canyon by a friend and I was glad I had heeded the advice. While it wasn’t exactly sweltering I happily found a seat in the speedboat for my gringo-shorted self. I then swigged some bottled water and applied a plentiful amount of sunscreen for the ride. I grabbed my camera out of my backpack and started snapping photos…

We're off to see the wizard...

looking up the side of the canyon

a shrine to the founder of the National Park

moving in for a closer look at something


CRIKEY! This bloke means business!

spider monkeys



statue of those dam engineers


near the dam

heading back

I highly recommend visiting Canon Del Sumidero. The pictures don’t do the beauty of the place justice. My tour started at 9am and finished at about 3pm. It takes about an hour to drive from San Cristobal to the National Park dock. You load onto a speedboat for about 26 people and you’re on the water for almost 2 hours. It can be rather hot so bring water and sunscreen. After the boat tour your shuttle will probably take you to Chiapa de Corzo for 30 minutes to an hour to eat or wander around a bit. At the end of your tour your guide will politely ask for a tip so be sure to have some coins or small bills with you.

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