Colombia In 18 Days! The Whole Schibang

For the last six Mondays we’ve brought you a review of each stop from an 18 day group trip down the backpacking trail through Colombia. We started in Bogota, and then made our way to San Gil, Barichara, Cartagena, Tayrona National Park, and Medellin.

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Part I – Bogota

Part II – San Gil

Part III – Barichara

Part IV – Cartagena

Part V – Tayrona Nat’l Park

Part VI – Medellin

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If you have any questions regarding Colombia leave me a comment or send me an email and I will answer them as best as I can. I’m happy to make suggestions or help with planning an itinerary.

Colombia In 18 Days! Part V : Tayrona National Park

We now continue Colombia In 18 Days!, reviewing a 18 day backpacking trip through fascinating Colombia in the fall of 2010. If you want to see the previous installments of this review please click on the links below. At the bottom of each article is a video with more photos and videos for a more detailed look into each destination.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Last week I reviewed our time in and around Cartagena. From Cartagena we headed out to see Tayrona National Natural Park. After a night in a dodgy hostel in Santa Marta we took a taxi to the national park. It was pouring down rain when we arrived without reservations for the night! Fortunately for us we came across Castilletes Campground which was completely vacant when we arrived. Unfortunately there was no electricity as well, but for one night it wasn’t much of a problem.

the entrance sign to Castillete

the road leading into the campground

the main house at Castillete, rumored to be a former hideout of a drug kingpin

hammocks and camping space

The morning that followed we woke up early to attempt to escape the mid-day heat for our hike through the jungle and along the beaches.

after a short walk along the road we entered into the jungle on the trail

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