I’ve decided to stay here in Antigua a while longer. Why have I decided to do such a thing? After all, my initial plan entailed flying into Mexico City and heading south until I reached Panama City. So, what happened?

Even before I began my trip I believed that I would be able to enrich my trip by studying Spanish. I always planned to stay somewhere for a few weeks to study. Well, after studying for 3 weeks I realized that I wanted more. That is, I wanted my Spanish to be to the point where I could have long conversations with people who only spoke Spanish. In order to get to that point I need to study A LOT MORE. I’m thinking at least 3-4 months. Will I be able to study for 3-4 months? I’m not so sure. At this point I’m not sure exactly how long I will stay here in Antigua, but I do know it will be until at least May 15th.

When I set out on this journey I made sure that my itinerary was flexible. Now that I realize I need a better understanding of Spanish to make my trip turn out the way I want it to be I’m going to exercise that flexibility and stay put in order to study. I may have to adapt my lifestyle here to do it, but I have to prioritize correctly to make my vision a reality. Buenas dias!

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