Colombia In 18 Days! — Part I : Bogota

A li’l while ago I showed you the preview trailer for a trip I took with some friends in August 2010. Over the next seven Mondays I will show you a short video from each stop we made on the backpackers trail in Colombia. I hope you enjoy them. The first video is at the bottom of this post.

To begin our adventure we all flew in from Los Angeles to Bogota, Colombia. We stayed at Destino Nómada Hostel in the La Candelaria area where most backpackers stay. It was a nice, convenient hostel to stay at. The first day and a half Jose, Mathieu and I walked around La Candelaria taking in the sights. We checked out Plaza de Bolivar, Catedral Primada, and the Botero Museum. For my first dinner in Colombia I enjoyed a bowl of Ajiaco, a thick traditional soup with potatoes, chicken, avocado, dairy cream, herbs, and corn. After dinner, the owners of the hostel invited us along for a night out in Zona Rosa including lots of shots of aguardiente.

Destino Nomada Hostel

view of Bogota from the hostel

Plaza de Bolivar

statue of Simon Bolivar in the Plaza

Catedral Primada

Botero's Mona Lisa

painting of a horse by Fernando Botero

Botero likes big butts and he cannot lie

Ajiaco, traditional Colombian soup

it's very cold at night in Bogota

first night out in Colombia in the Zona Rosa

On the second day of the trip Javier and Uriel joined up with us. We decided to take an organized city tour. The tour included stops at the Presidential Palace, a panoramic view of the whole city and more. That night we went back to the Zona Rosa and ended up crashing a private party.

outside the bullfighting arena

enjoying a Colombian dessert at the overlook

La Candelaria at night

La Zona Rosa

crashing a private party; this is your brain on aguardiente

The third day we spent more time wandering around La Candelaria and during the night we took a taxi out to Andres Carne de Res about 20 minutes outside of town to see the beautiful people.

interior of Destino Nomada Hostel

heading out to San Gil

For a more complete view of our time in Bogota check out the video below. Be sure to check the site out next Monday for pictures and a video from San Gil!

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