Colombia In 18 Days! Part III — Barichara

Hills and streets of Barichara

Last week we recounted our time in San Gil, Colombia and the amazing whitewater rafting on Rio Suarez. We began the review of our 18 days in Colombia with the capital of the country, Bogota. This Monday we recap our day in Barichara.

The charming colonial village of Barichara, Colombia is only a 40 minute shuttle ride away from San Gil. It makes a great day trip from San Gil or you could stay a few days if you truly want to get away from it all.

We took the 40 minute shuttle there from San Gil. Then we walked around the village. We walked uphill to the top of the village as recommended to see a phenomenal view of the valley.

the spectacular view of the valley below

We also viewed a few churches, plazas, a cemetary and a bakery.
Uriel posing in front of a Barichara church

interior of the church

tile inside the church


baked goods

After we tired out we sat down for a good lunch.

restaurant in Barichara

Lunch at Color de Hormiga

lunch at Color de Hormiga

Following the tasty lunch we wandered around a little bit more before returning to San Gil in the shuttle.

"Gracias por visitante Barichara"

leaving Barichara, up next Cartagena

Be sure to watch the video below for a more complete picture of our time in Barichara. Next Monday will be Part IV, a review of our time in Cartagena…

Part I : Bogota

Part II : San Gil

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