Colombia In 18 Days! Part VI — Medellin

We now continue Colombia In 18 Days!, reviewing a 18 day backpacking trip through fascinating Colombia in the fall of 2010. If you want to see the previous installments of this review please click on the links below. At the bottom of each article is a video with more photos and videos for a more detailed look into each destination.

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Last week I reviewed our time exploring Tayrona National Park. From there we took a taxi to Santa Marta Airport. We then flew to The City Of The Eternal Spring, Medellin. By that time we had grown tired of the epic, freezing, and dangerous bus journeys through Colombia.

flying into Medellin

As our time in Colombia was coming to an end and as it also was our last weekend of the trip, much of our time in Medellin was spent enjoying the nightlife.

Although we stayed out late every night we managed to see a few things during the days. I hopped on the Metro to go downtown to see the Botero Plaza.

Botero Plaza. Medellin, Colombia.

another view of the plaza

Here I also viewed the art on display at Museo de Antioquia. It features many works by the famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

Museo de Antioquia

Getting around Medellin was easy thanks to the clean and affordable Metro, and the plentiful taxis.

the Metro

a crowded ride on the metro

A true pleasure was wandering around the grounds of the Botanical Gardens. Entrance was free and it was a short walk from the Metro station. After a late night it was nice to relax and decompress a bit among the beautiful nature right in the middle of the city.

outside the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

messing around inside the entrance to the gardens

a pond inside the Botanical Gardens

Hey! Hey! We’re the Monkees!

Medellin was a great city to finish up our 18 Days In Colombia! The City Of The Eternal Spring has an abundance of nightlife, beautiful sculptures and artwork, and the convenience of the Metro. On top of that Medellin lives up to its moniker with spring-like weather all year round. I could see myself spending quite a bit more time here, maybe even a year.

Check out the video right below to see more photos of our time in Medellin, Colombia.

waiting for a plane to Bogota in the Medellin Airport

with several hours to kill we rested in the airport

waving goodbye to a magnificent adventure in Colombia

*** All the videos for Colombia In 18 Days! featured the music of The Dandy Warhols!***
The Dandys Rule Okay

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