Hostel Review : Amigo Suites Hostel – Mexico City, Mexico

While I was in Mexico City I stayed in 2 different places. My first night in Mexico City I had the minor misfortune of staying in a disgusting room in a cheap hotel near the historic center. The following 8 nights I stayed at the Amigo Suites Hostel. During the 8 nights I stayed in a 3 bed dorm room and also a 4 bed dorm room, both with ensuite bathroom. The rooms were simple and somewhat small, but were adequate considering the other features of the hostel.

The rooms were always clean, as was the entire hostel. I found the rooms to be slightly cramped, but not ridiculously so. I think if I could only change one thing about the rooms it would be the mattresses. The mattresses were of average quality for a hostel and slightly thin for a good night’s rest. The showers always had plenty of hot water and good water pressure. The bathrooms were clean and everything functioned properly for the duration of my stay.

The hostel also featured a spacious rooftop terrace/bar which also doubled as the dining area. Off of the dining area were two computers with free internet usage. Along with the computers the hostel provided free, reliable, and strong WIFI Internet access with the password posted on the wall of each floor. Interestingly, the hostel also contained a vending machine stocked with snacks, water, condoms and cold beer. I’d never seen beer in a vending machine before, but I suspect this may not be the last time. The price for the room included a good quality breakfast from 8am-10am and also a sufficient dinner from 6:30ish to 8pm. If I had a choice I would have rather had a reduced room price instead of the included dinners. The food for the dinners was always fair, if not completely desirable.

The staff of the hostel was warm and friendly and spoke English well. They were helpful and never made me feel as if it was a bother to assist me in any way as can happen in the hostel environment.

This hostel was well-located in the historic center of Mexico City. In fact, it was about 3 blocks from the main plaza, the Zocalo, and also the same distance from the nearest Metro stop. A great spot for starting out on a day of tourist activities. The hostel offered a wide variety of organized tours including a few free or tip-based tours. I ended up going on 2 of the organized tours including the Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling tour and also to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. Both tours were well-run and informative.

Overall, I would highly recommend Amigo Suites Hostel in the historic center of Mexico City, Mexico. The friendliness of the staff, cleanliness of the hostel and amenities of the hostel compared to the price made it a great choice for me and my particular needs.

2 thoughts on “Hostel Review : Amigo Suites Hostel – Mexico City, Mexico

  1. Your pic truly give all an idea of your living conditions while traveling. Your scenery shots are wonderful too. Get closer to the stonework to show how it is built please.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Donna, but honestly it can be difficult to take bad shots at a place like that! Good idea on the closeups of the stonework. The living conditions vary but most of the places will probably look similar to these photos.

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