Museo Dolores Olmedo

Garden of the Museum

Thanks to a suggestion from The Globetrotter Girls website, on Tuesday I made the 45 minute long Metro and Light Rail journey from the Centro Historico to the southern area of Mexico City. The purpose of this journey was to see art from Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. The artwork presented did not disappoint. I was especially impressed by Frida Kahlo’s pieces. I was honestly unfamiliar with her art and was duly impressed. What further impressed me was the garden of the museum. The gardens made for a pleasant stroll between the exhibit buildings. Accompanying me on these strolls were what must have been dozens and dozens of peacocks throughout the grounds. In addition to the peacocks there were also about 10 Mexican Hairless Dogs. I’d never seen dogs quite like these before.

View of the garden

Peacock Feathers

Hairless Dogs Surround A Statue

Another Hairless Dog Relaxing Beneath A Statue

Dolores Olmedo and Her Companion Greet Visitors To The Museo

Dolores Olmedo was a philanthropist most known for her support of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. The museum is what used to be her estate here in Mexico City and also includes numerous personal effects of the art supporter. On the property there is a room showcasing her Asian furniture, photos with various celebrities and dignitaries as well as her bedroom.

After wandering through the busy mass and mess that is Mexico City the Dolores Olmedo Museum can serve as an oasis from the chaos. It does take some time getting to the museum from the historic center, but I felt it was well worth it. The canals of Xochimilco are somewhat near to the museum as well as the huge Estadio Azteca soccer stadium. Combining visits to all three of these attractions would virtually fill up an entire day in Mexico City. Finally, if you visit the Museum on a Tuesday your entry will be free.

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  1. I have shown the pictures in this post to a few people and we all thought the Hairless Dogs were statues too. You really have to look closely at the photos as they blend in very well.

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