San Cristobal De Las Casas

In San Cristobal de Las Casas the international influence is undeniable. There is an interesting mix of artistic, indigenous, progressive, and cosmopolitan influences balanced throughout the city. Despite the dominance of tourism on the local landscape the resulting ambience of the place is not tacky or lacking culture. Much of the pleasure of wandering around the tourist center of town is provided by walking the long pedestrian-only portions of the streets. Another feature of the city is the wide array of international cuisine on offer:  Thai, Italian, Argentinian, Lebanese, Japanese, and more. In addition, cafes and restaurants feature live music throughout the city, especially Thursday through Saturday night. With several museums around and a few day trips just outside the city it is an easy place to find yourself extending your stay. Unfortunately I stayed longer than planned because of a bout with Montezuma’s Revenge, but even that calamity didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for San Cristobal.

kiosk in the central plaza

City Hall

view of San Cristobal from Cerro de Guadeloupe

Cathedral and Plaza


the pedestrian only street leading to Arco de El Carmen

Arco de El Carmen

Arco de El Carmen at night

the pedestrian street at night

the streets late at night

the interior of a cafe

I think San Cristobal is an ideal place to spend a long weekend. The amenities of the city also make it a place where I could see myself living for a month or two. The elevation makes for very nice weather during the day but also makes for cold nights. Be sure your accommodation has at least one thick blanket provided, if not two!

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