Hostel Review: Casa Angel Youth Hostel-Oaxaca, Mexico

I stayed 5 nights in the Casa Angel Youth Hostel in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The hostel was very clean and comfortable.  The staff was nice, helpful, friendly and yet incredibly low-key at the same time.  The staff spoke some english and was knowledgable about any tours offered or sights to see in the area.  I took a day tour to sights in the area and was pleased with the tour.

Breakfast was included with the room and was cooked for you every morning from 8-10a.m.  The breakfast was enjoyable if lacking in variety.  It included fried eggs or scrambled eggs with or without chopped-up hot dog, cereal, bread, bananas with coffee or tea every day, without fail and without change.

I slept in two different 3 bed dorm rooms during my stay.  The rooms were very clean and the bunk beds comfortable, but the rooms were slightly cramped if occupied by three guests.  Lockers were provided inside the rooms free of charge.  Luggage storage was also provided free of charge, which came in handy for the common late night bus departures.  The bathrooms were well kept and the showers had a good amount of water pressure and hot water.

The common area on the ground floor had a couple of comfortable couches to watch cable TV or a movie on the DVD player.  A good selection of quality films on DVD were available to select from free of charge.  The wifi was reliable and 2 computers were also provided free of charge.  The kitchen had an oven, microwave, refridgerator, cupboards, and a good amount of counter space to work with.

A nice feature of the hostel was a rooftop terrace which included a bar.  It was a good place to relax with a book, suntan, or just chat and enjoy the view.  On Sundays a good BBQ lunch/dinner was available.

The hostel was located about 10 blocks from the main plaza of the city.  A few cheap restaurants with good Mexican food were just around the corner as was a place to drop off your laundry.  A small convenience store with drinks and snacks was right aross the street. Walking to and from the main sites of the city was a pleasant stroll with plenty to see so it didn’t seem like a long haul.

Overall, I was very happy with my time at Casa Angel Youth Hostel.  The friendly, unassuming staff along with the cleanliness of the facilities and the amenities provided were a good value for the budget-concious backpacker.  My only minor complaints would be the lack of variety in the included breakfast and the slightly cramped rooms.  These minor drawbacks were substantially outweighed by all of the positive aspects of this well-run hostel.

Hostel Review : Amigo Suites Hostel – Mexico City, Mexico

While I was in Mexico City I stayed in 2 different places. My first night in Mexico City I had the minor misfortune of staying in a disgusting room in a cheap hotel near the historic center. The following 8 nights I stayed at the Amigo Suites Hostel. During the 8 nights I stayed in a 3 bed dorm room and also a 4 bed dorm room, both with ensuite bathroom. The rooms were simple and somewhat small, but were adequate considering the other features of the hostel.

The rooms were always clean, as was the entire hostel. I found the rooms to be slightly cramped, but not ridiculously so. I think if I could only change one thing about the rooms it would be the mattresses. The mattresses were of average quality for a hostel and slightly thin for a good night’s rest. The showers always had plenty of hot water and good water pressure. The bathrooms were clean and everything functioned properly for the duration of my stay.

The hostel also featured a spacious rooftop terrace/bar which also doubled as the dining area. Off of the dining area were two computers with free internet usage. Along with the computers the hostel provided free, reliable, and strong WIFI Internet access with the password posted on the wall of each floor. Interestingly, the hostel also contained a vending machine stocked with snacks, water, condoms and cold beer. I’d never seen beer in a vending machine before, but I suspect this may not be the last time. The price for the room included a good quality breakfast from 8am-10am and also a sufficient dinner from 6:30ish to 8pm. If I had a choice I would have rather had a reduced room price instead of the included dinners. The food for the dinners was always fair, if not completely desirable.

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