Teotihuacán- “Where Men Become Gods”

Pyramid Of The Moon

Walking through Teotihuacan is an impressive experience, but one can only imagine what it was like over a thousand years ago. The sheer magnitude of the pyramids is awesome, but the use of mathematics and astronomy in the planning is also quite fascinating. Many people associate the pyramids with the Aztecs, but they were actually built before the arrival of the Aztecs and abandoned by their creators. How could you leave something so magnificent? Then again, every empire eventually crumbles.

Pyramid Of The Moon - closeup

Pyramid Of The Sun and Avenue Of The Dead from Pyramid Of The Moon

Avenue Of The Dead and Pyramid Of The Moon

Pyramid Of The Sun

Stairway of the Pyramid Of The Sun

Stairway of the Pyramid Of The Sun - closeup

Pyramid Of The Sun as viewed from the side

Teotihuacan is about 30 miles Northeast of Mexico City. It is possible to take a bus or taxi to visit the site but a lot of people take organized tours which may also add in a few more stops and a lunch. I highly recommend sunscreen, a hat and comfortable walking shoes along with plenty of water. The Pyramid Of The Sun is about 20 meters higher than the Pyramid Of The Moon but the steps are smaller so the difficulty of climbing the stairs evens out somewhat. You do end up walking quite a bit as just The Avenue Of The Dead is over 2km in length.

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