WHDIGH Series: “I Did Not Know That” – Mexico City

As I’m traveling I often come across things that surprise me. My usual response to these instances can usually be summed up as “huh, I did not know that.” So in honor of these times when I actually do some learnin’, I present the first series here on WHDIGH, “I Did Not Know That“.

While I was in Mexico City basically almost everything that I experienced could fall under “I did not know that.” I was clueless as to most of what Mexico City was about or had to offer. In fact, I almost skipped the capital of the country until a price for a flight came along that was too good to pass up.

As I began researching the city before my departure I became increasingly excited about going. The amount of museums alone could occupy your time for weeks! As an American all I had heard about Mexico City previously was the amount of pollution and the massive population. So, all in all, I guess I wasn’t that hard to surprise.

I did not know that almost the entirety of the city was built on top of a lake. Mexico City started out as an island and was expanded by the Aztecs and all of the following rulers until nearly all of the lake was drained! There only remains a sliver of the lake that once filled up most of the valley.

The Aztec city of Tenochtitlan before further expansion and draining of the lake

the center of Tenochtitlan likely looked something like this

Because of being built upon a lakebed this creates several problems. For one, Mexico City is SINKING! While I was on a day tour I saw some quite striking visual evidence of this phenomenon.

this church built in the early 18th Century requires reinforcements

Another problem presented by being built on top of a lake is flooding. In the 17th Century one flood left the city submerged for FIVE YEARS!!! Not five hours. Not five Days. Not five months. FIVE YEARS!!!

I mostly travel for the enjoyment. However, when I travel I cannot help but learn new things. It is learning things like this while traveling that I find fulfilling. Perhaps this is why many people value travel so highly. It is the most fun way to learn that I can think of!

4 thoughts on “WHDIGH Series: “I Did Not Know That” – Mexico City

  1. Your Mom had me check your website as she knows I love to travel. Your pictures of the bunk beds brought back great memories of hostels in the Scandanavian countries that we stayed in for two months. Most Americans don’t realize the great value they are. Loved the pictures of Mexico City and pyramids, I too have never been there and it’s on my list.

  2. Thank you for checking out the site Rosie. I hope you continue to take a look. There is a lot to see and do in Mexico City. You could easily spend 2 weeks there!

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